Course overview

Fundamentals of Payroll-Based Journal

This course ensures the learner will:
  1. Understand the core elements of the payroll-based journal program for nursing homes
  2. Learn how to use the PBJ Policy Manual
  3. Review fundamentals of PBJ data collection and
  4. Know about mandatory submission requirements
Why Take this Course
Get an introduction to the PBJ program and specifics of how PBJ is set up & managed
Who Should Attend
  • Administrators
  • Quality teams
  • Staff wanting to understand PBJ
Skill Level


Time to Complete

40 to 60 minutes


24 / 7 online




The objectives of the Fundamentals course include:

Learn the basics of payroll-based journal reporting

Understand PBJ reporting requirements

Identify PBJ job titles and pay types

Recognize allowable PBJ hours

Gain PBJ reporting best practices

Validate your learning with Knowledge Checks

Our learners can easily answer these questions

  • What is PBJ?
  • Why is PBJ important?
  • What is required for PBJ reporting?
  • What is direct care staff?
  • What job titles are allowed in PBJ reporting?
  • How are PBJ hours recorded?
  • What hours are allowed for PBJ?
  • How do I collect and submit PBJ data?
  • What are some PBJ best practices?

Course Lessons

Jenn Moenck Feige

PBJ guru and software founder
Jenn is a leading expert in Payroll-Based Journal and founder of the first software platform design for PBJ reporting.  She has trained thousands of PBJ practitioners and helped skilled nursing facilities prepare and submit over 50,000 PBJ reports since the launch of the program in 2016.

With the recent focus on measuring, rewarding and penalizing SNF's for their reported PBJ data, Jenn co-founded PBJ Central with a new mission to ensure everyone in the industry has better visibility and execution of PBJ reporting and its impacts.
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